Westmount Charter Board

Administrative Procedures

The following Administrative Procedures have been approved by the Superintendent. If there are administrative procedures under review, that information will also be found on this page.
There are 5 Administrative Procedure sections below. Click on the categories to expand and collapse each section. Click on a file name to view or download.

AP-400 General Employment
AP-401 Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers and Teacher Leaders
AP-402 Support Staff Code of Conduct
AP-403 Personnel Records
AP-404 Staff Selection
AP-405 Supervision and Evaluation
AP-406 Suspension and Dismissal of Employees
AP-407 Employee Code of Conduct
AP-408 Staff Grievances
AP-410 Staff Acceptable Use of Technology
AP-411 Staff Police Information Check
AP-412 Working Alone
AP-413 Smoke-Free Environment
AP-415 Conflict of Interest-Staff Selection
AP-416 Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
AP-417 Harassment Reporting and Investigation
AP-418 Drug and Alcohol
AP 419 Certificate of Good Health
AP-421 Teacher Qualifications
AP-422 Role of the Teacher
AP-423 Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation
AP 425 Professional Learning and Development
AP-427 Teacher Transfers
AP-428 Reduction of Teaching Positions
AP 429 Teaching Quality Standard
AP-431 Bursary – Certificated Staff
AP 433 Professional Development Incentives – Certificated Staff
AP 434 Admin Time in-Lieu
AP-436 Long Service Awards
AP-437 Employee Resignations
AP-438 Leave of Absence
AP 439 Condolences
AP-440 Leadership Quality Practice Standard
AP-445 Administrator Growth, Supervision and Evaluation
AP 446 Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard
AP 449 Research, Innovation and Dissemination Incentive
AP-450 Duties and Responsibilities of Learning Leaders
AP-451 Duties and Responsibilities of Coordinators
AP-452 Responsibilities of Substitute Teachers
AP-460 Appeals of Employment Matters
AP 462 Employee Progressive Discipline
AP 473 Secretary Treasurer or Secretary to the Board and Treasurer to the Board Qualifications
AP 474 Secretary Treasurer or Secretary to the Board and Treasurer to the Board Role Description
AP 475 Secretary Treasurer or Secretary to the Board and Treasurer to the Board Evaluation
AP-481 Instructional Support Staff
AP-484 Support Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation
AP 490 Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection)
AP 491 COVID-19 Risk Mitigation (April 22) SUSPENDED




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