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Welcome to the Westmount Transportation Page

Westmount Charter School is committed to the operation of a fee-based, cost-effective, efficient and safe bus service for its students. Parents who reside more than 2.4 km from the school have the option of using this service for their children. Students may be full, or part-time riders.

Stops are located within Calgary city limits only. Approximately 45% of our school population ride the bus and 51% of our school population will be receiving funding (Parent Provided Funding or PPF) for driving their kids to and from school as part of our parent provided funding program.

Westmount does not serve areas surrounding the schools nor many of the newer outlying communities. There are also several neighborhoods we do not serve such as the downtown core, Inglewood and south of the Bow River to 17 Ave. List of current routes/neighbourhoods in which we operate, may be found here. Should you have questions regarding your neighbourhood please direct them to Transportation Services at:

Login to to find out the status of your bus.   This is a GPS tracking system that allows parents/students to log in and see in real-time, where the bus is. You will need the school access code to access this system.

You can also contact Southland Transportation directly for information regarding your bus delay at 403 205 6688.


Students and parents are reminded that extra caution should be taken during the winter months. Please take a moment and review this important information with your children.

  • Children should be dressed appropriately for the colder weather. Unexpected mechanical problems with the bus occur more frequently at this time of year. Children must be prepared for this as buses cool off very quickly.
  • Unusually cold or stormy weather can result in bus schedules being delayed. We encourage parents to use extra caution with children on those days.
  • Children should be accompanied to the bus stop or have very clear instructions on what to do if the bus does not arrive. Never leave children at a stop without backup arrangements for an emergency.
  • A build-up of ice and snow can create a safety hazard for children waiting at the bus stop. Ensure that your child understands the importance of standing back from the curb as the bus approaches the bus stop.
  • Children will find it easier to walk snow and ice-covered roads when their school books and lunches are carried in a back pack. It is also much safer for them to board the bus with their hands free to use the bus handrail.
  • Assume that school is open unless you learn otherwise through the school or local media.

For Driver Behavior and Busing Delays:

Contact Southland Transportation.

403 205 6688

For Lost Items

Please speak to the driver directly or, if not accessible, contact Southland Transportation.

Contact Dispatch 403 205 6688 or

Anita Wolfe  Phone 403 287 1351 x225 or email

For Issues Regarding Student Discipline and Bus Behavior Issues, Contact

Adriana Klassen, Principal for Grades K-4
Phone: (403) 217-0426 x1014

Laurie Alisat, MH Assistant Principal
Phone: (403) 217-9427 x2006

Julie Jansen, MH Assistant Principal
Phone: (403) 217-9427 x4257

For questions about bus routes and schedules

Contact Westmount Transportation Services:

For Information on Fees and Billing, Please Contact the Business Office

Fees and Finance

For PPF Disbursement…If you wish to check your banking information

Gabrielle McDonald

Phone: (403) 217 3707 X1018  Fax: (403) 249 3422

2022/2023 Bus Routes

Last Updated: August 17, 2022

Click the document below to view bus fees.

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Yearly Transportation at a Glance


Let us know if your child is taking the bus (FT, PT or no busing - PPF) Click for more.

Re-register your student for Westmount for the upcoming year and make your transportation choice (Full-time busing, Part-time busing, or no busing – PPF [Parent Provided Funding]).  $100 non-refundable registration deposit is paid at this time.


Route planning commences. Click for More.

Route Planning Commences. All full time bus registrations received by April 30 of the current year will be considered in the route planning process for the following school year. Routes do have limited seating and therefore are filled according to the bus registration date. In the event the bus is at capacity we will offer a waitlist that is prioritized according to the bus registration date. As well, where possible, an alternate route may be offered.


You Will Receive Your Chosen Route Information or Be Place on Waitlist

If you chose busing, you will receive your chosen route information. If your student has been placed on the waitlist you will also be notified of that information at this time.

This is your opportunity to notify us of any changes to your information i.e. address, phone number, email address etc.

Please note that many of the buses are already full by this time and may not be available in your new neighborhood.


You will receive your chosen route information again. Click for more.

You will receive your route information again.  Any schedule or route updates will be included. This is your opportunity to notify us of any changes to your information i.e. address, phone number, email address etc.

Please note that many of the buses are already full by this time and may not be available in your new neighborhood.


Your last opportunity to apply for PPF. Click for more.

This is your last opportunity to apply for PPF.  Sept 30th is the deadline.

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