Forms and Documents

Many of the Westmount’s important forms and documents are listed here in alphabetical order; click on a tab for more information and to download.   If there is a form you require that is not on this page, please contact the school for assistance.

As part of preparing student files for every school year, a student Administration of Medication and Medical Treatment form will need to be completed every year during online Registration or Re-Registration if your child has special medical needs/requirements that our staff need to be aware of in order to assist your child.

  • A medical form should be completed:
    • if your child has special medical needs/requirements (including but not limited to severe allergy alerts)
    • if prescription medication is to be taken at school (parent provided)
    • If a child requires non-prescription medications e.g. Advil or Tylenol (parent provided)
    • Medications:
      • required prescription or non-prescription medications need to be brought to the school no later than the first day of school in September or any time during the year if there has been a change to a child’s medical needs status.  **Note that a doctor’s signature is no longer required on the form
      • place medications in a clearly labelled, sealed Ziploc bag, accompanied by a copy of your completed medical form and return it to the school(s). If you already submitted your medical form online during Registration or Re-Registration, please include a copy of the completed form in the Ziploc bag with your child’s medication(s).
      • Medications should be dropped off at the Elementary office for K-4 students
      • Grade 5/6 students may bring their Ziploc bag and form to their homeroom/SOURCE class on the first day of school
      • Grade 8-12 students should take their Ziploc bags/forms directly to Student Services on the 2nd floor of the MH.
      • Parents may also drop medications/forms off at the MH office.
  • Student medications also need to be renewed every year.
  • At the end of the school year, medications need to be picked up or they will be disposed of.

Parents Who Did Not Complete A Medical form During Online Registration or Re-Registration or Need to Submit a New Form

Parents who did not submit a medical form during online Registration or Re-Registration, or need to submit a new form, may download the form from this page at any time and submit it in person along with any required medications, or send via email if no medications are required.This is a FILLABLE form. We do not recommend using a web browser to open the form as most have issues with fillable PDF forms. Please read these instructions before you begin.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you may download it here.

Download Medical Form
  • EC parents
    • To submit a form only, email a digital copy of the completed form to shelley.murray@westmountcharter.comPlease note in your email that you are not sending accompanying medications to the school.
  • MH parents
    • To submit a form only, email a digital copy of the completed form to Please note in your email that you are not sending accompanying medications to the school.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • The Elementary Office at 403.217.0426.
  • The Mid-High Office at 403.217.9427.

**Clicking on either of these two forms will take you to the login prompt for the Parent Zone. Please log in securely to access these forms.**

Student Accident Insurance Standard Claim Form

Student Accident Policy Wordings with Endorsement