Message from the Principals

Westmount Charter School is a dynamic place for gifted students to learn together, in a congregated setting, with like-minded peers. Educating students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 grants us the unique opportunity to provide continuity in programming based on the following foundational principles and beliefs:

Gifted learners have qualitatively different experiences.
At Westmount, we recognize that gifted students feel and think differently than same-aged peers, which can have significant implications for programming and potentially influence student achievement. “Gifted from the inside out” recognizes these qualitative differences and encourages educators to teach to the heart; engaging students by addressing their social and emotional needs in a holistic approach to education. Students are recognized as individuals, and therefore have needs that allow personalization throughout their education. As student’s needs change, we must be responsive to the change(s) in need and adjust programming to meet the needs of each student.

Gifted learners require specialized programming.
We recognize gifted students require modifications to their program in order to increase engagement in their education. Students have many opportunities for enrichment and acceleration, cross-curricular/integrated studies, experiential learning through exposure to fieldtrips and outdoor education programming, as well as, opportunities to explore areas of interest through a variety of complimentary options and extracurricular teams and clubs.

Gifted learners benefit from educators who understand their unique needs.
Recognizing that gifted students require specialized programming and have unique social and emotional needs, our staff requires specialized training. Professional learning opportunities in areas related to the field of gifted education are at the forefront of planning for staff development. Whether it be through formal education, opportunities to connect with the gifted community at conferences, or bringing in recognized experts in the field, we continually strive to provide support to staff around educating our gifted.

Parent and community involvement benefits the quality of education our gifted students receive.
We value parents as educational partners, relying on their knowledge and expertise in understanding their child’s needs and working with the school to provide support. There are many opportunities to become involved in our school community, from volunteering in classrooms to attending parent educational sessions and participating in coffee talks or meeting with teachers. We believe parents are part of our inclusive communities and share our interest and passion for gifted education.

We invite prospective and current students to explore all Westmount Charter School has to offer, understanding our belief in “Gifted from the Inside Out.” Together, as a community, our appreciation and care for our gifted students is the heart of our work.


The education at Westmount is very good, but the atmosphere of support and understanding available for our gifted kids (who are not always appreciated in other environments) is the most valuable aspect of Westmount.

Both my daughters went to Westmount Gr1-12. It has been wonderful for all 12 years for both. The quality of programming and staff is unparalleled. I would highly recommend Westmount to any family.

We have seen a noticeable attitude change (towards school) in both our children since moving them to Westmount.