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Welcome to the Elementary Technology Page

At the elementary campus, we provide many technology resources to enhance the learning experience. It is important for students to understand and exercise personal responsibility in their use of all of these resources.

The following expectations are to be accomplished by each year end, within the specified Grade.

  • How to use a web browser and search engine to do searches
  • How to use STAR independently
  • Confidence with Word, and Power Point presentations
  • Introduction to Excel spread sheets
  • Send an email with attachments
  • Appropriate keyboarding techniques
  • Address citing within a project
  • Adding hyperlinks into a document
  • Introduction to writing programming code
  • Use an iPad to do research, expand creativity, expand the use of apps & programs
  • Digital Citizenship with emphasis on internet safety and use of email
  • Independent research
  • How to copy / paste
  • How to send an email
  • Opening hyper links
  • Confidence with word documents
  • Introduction to power point
  • Copying and pasting from internet….the do’s and don’ts
  • Typing – expanding from home row with emphasis on proper technique
  • Introduction to writing programming code
  • Expand the use of apps on an iPad
  • Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety including emailing
  • How to use the shift key for capitals and symbols
  • Familiar with typing technique – home row
  • How to add a printer
  • How to print
  • Beginning to learn how to research on a computer (Jr. Genius)
    • Teacher led first half of the year
    • Independent research by student has begun in the second half of the year
  • Introduction to Word
  • Introduction to Power Point
  • How to use STAR independently
  • Introduction to the basic concepts used in writing programming code
  • Expand the use of apps on an iPad
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Turn on a computer
  • Know how to log in
  • How to use a the mouse/touch pad or touch screen
  • Keyboard discovery
  • How to use the space bar, Enter key , arrow keys, deleting & back spacing
  • How to do a restart & shut down properly
  • How to open and save documents
  • Learn the basics of using an iPad and accessing apps
  • Expand Introduction to Coding
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Become comfortable with using iPad
  • Orientation to a keyboard
  • Explore a computer center and use a program such as STAR
  • Learn how to open, change apps and how to close out properly
  • Practice good manners in handling iPads and doing basic house keeping
  • Learn to independently manage the basic controls and features of an iPad
  • Introduce Coding
  • Digital Citizenship