Where to Meet and What to Bring on the First Day of School

All Grades (5-12) Students Should Bring

Please ensure that Mid-High students bring the items listed below on the first day of school. Parents, please leave the school promptly if you are accompanying your student(s) into the school, so we can clear the halls and get classes underway.

  1. A copy of your first week’s schedule printed from PowerSchool. (Schedules available after mid-August). The office cannot print your schedule for you.
  2. Click here to do a quick review of the MH Learning Commons Rental Resource Agreement Document. Families sign this agreement during registration each year. You do not need to resubmit this form now as you have already completed it.
  3. A completed school Prescription Drug-Medical Treatment form (only for Students with medical concerns/medications/allergies).
    • To access the medical form, and more information, click here.