Verify Transportation Choice

To verify your transportation choice:

  1. Login to the Family Zone.
  2. Use the same username and password you used when you re-registered. If you don’t remember your password use the help buttons available to you.
  3. You will then enter the family zone and in the right-side navigation pane, you will see the transportation choices you made for your children.
  • If your registration is complete, you will see Your (Year) Registration is complete!
  • If you see AM and/or PM under your transportation choices, it means your student is registered for Busing.
  • If you see PPF, under your transportation choices, it means you have applied for the Parent Provided Funding.
  • If you see NE under your transportation choices, it means that when you re-registered and completed the transportation questions, you indicated that you were not eligible for Transportation Funding as you resided within 2.4 KM of the school.

Your Registration is Not Complete if You Do Not See “Your (Year) Registration is Complete!”

Under the Family Zone menu in the right-side navigation pane, you will see the Transportation Form Link. A red *  means you haven’t chosen a transportation option and you will need to do so now.

  • Click the Transportation Form link and you will be sent to the transportation page where you will choose either busing or PPF. If you choose busing, make sure you indicate whether you need AM and PM, AM only or PM only. If you choose PPF, once you click “I accept” at the bottom of the page, your transportation registration is complete.
  • If you chose busing, you will need to go back to the main menu and choose Pay Fees (located in the Parents Menu).
  • You will then be prompted to confirm the non refundable deposit of $100 and make this payment.
  • Once transportation services receives confirmation of this payment, you will be added to the bus route and stop closest to your residence, so long as there is room available on the route you require. You will be advised if there is no room for your student on the bus and you will have the option to go on a wait list at that time.