Request to Ride an Alternate Route – Current Rider

**This option may not be available as many of our bus routes are full and extra passengers cannot be accommodated**

Students who are registered to ride the bus are entitled to board an alternate bus with parent and school authorization.

  1. Please email your written request to for approval a minimum of 48 school hours before the date on which your student plans to ride the alternate bus.
  2. The Request to Ride an Alternate Route form will then be completed and emailed to you for your students to carry with them. Students in grades ECS through grade nine require parent authorization via email before a permission slip will be granted. High school students may request the form independently without parent authorization.

Permission will be granted if there is room on the bus and if sufficient notice has been provided. The student must present the authorization form to the driver upon boarding. The bus will not be delayed if the student does not have proper authorization to board.

If you are planning to move during the school year and require access to a different route, please provide a written request to Transportation Services immediately upon confirmation of your move date. Please review the bus routes posted on the school website for all stop locations. Changes can be accommodated if there is room available on the bus required.