Register for Part Time Busing

**Note** Part-time riders are accommodated AFTER full-time riders

If you live further than 2.4KM from the school, you have the option of choosing to register for Westmount’s fee-based transportation system.

Registration for part-time busing takes place in Feb/Mar of each year and is completed at the same time you re-register your student for the upcoming year at Westmount or after you have applied to Westmount and accepted your offer of a seat.

  1. PowerSchool, click on SchoolEngage, located in the left-side menu (you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the menu).
  2. Complete the Re-registration and transportation choices questions.
  3. You will choose Busing – for Part Time busing.
  4. At this time you will be required to click the Pay Fees banner found below your transportation choice to go to Rycor, our fee payment system. There, you will click the Bus Registration icon and enter your busing details (You will choose AM or PM – for Part Time busing – not both), then pay your non-refundable Registration/Re-Registration and busing deposits. For detailed instructions, visit our SchoolEngage help page.

Once you have completed the registration and transportation forms AND paid your deposit(s) your student(s) information and request for busing will be sent electronically to Transportation Services.

The following conditions will apply to part time busing:

  1. Part-time riders will be considered ONLY if there is room on the bus. Not all of our buses can accommodate part time riders as they fill up with full time riders. Full time riders are given priority.
  2. Part-time riders may only ride in the AM or the PM, not a combination of both.
  3. Part-time riders must choose from an existing stop on an existing route. Additional stops will not be created for part time riders. The residential addresses are not taken into consideration during the route planning process.

Route planning for each school year will commence on May 1. All full time bus registrations received by April 30 of the current year will be considered in the route planning process for the following school year. Part time rider addresses are not considered for route planning purposes.

Routes do have limited seating and therefore are filled first with full time riders according to the bus registration date. In the event the bus is at capacity we will offer a waitlist that is prioritized according to the bus registration date. As well, where possible, an alternate route may be offered.

Once Route planning has been completed, full time riders are advised of the route information by the first week in July. Should space allow, part time riders may be assigned at this time and your part time rider would also receive the route information. Otherwise, if your student has not been confirmed a spot on the bus, they will be placed on the waitlist and you would also receive that information (by email) by the first week in July. You will be contacted again late August with regards to the status of your student(s) part time request. We receive many changes over the summer and the first couple of weeks in September as students make their final decision on busing.

Please note that Westmount does not serve areas surrounding the schools nor many of the newer outlying communities. There are also several neighborhoods we do not serve such as the downtown core, Inglewood and south of the Bow River to 17 Ave. Click here to see the current routes/neighborhoods in which we operate. Should you have questions regarding your neighborhood please direct them to Transportation Services at:

Click here to see the Bus Fees.