Register for Parent Provided Funding (PPF)


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Parents can enter into an agreement with Westmount Charter School that entitles them to individual funding for Parent-Provided (PP) Transportation for arranging their child(ren)’s transportation to and from school each day.

Registration for PPF takes place in Feb/Mar of each year and is completed at the same time you re-register your student for the upcoming year at Westmount.

  1. All Westmount families will receive an email notifying them that the online registration system is open.
  2. Login to your Parent PowerSchool Account (link found under Quicklinks and also in the ‘Parents’ menu of the Westmount Website). If you don’t remember your password, use the help buttons available to you.
  3. Once in PowerSchool, click on SchoolEngage, located in the left-side menu (you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the menu).
  4. Complete the re-registration and transportation choices questions.
  5. You will choose PPF for Parent Provided Funding.

Once complete, your student(s) information will be sent electronically to transportation services. Transportation services will be applying for this funding on your behalf. You can verify your transportation choice by logging into the family zone at any time. In January you will receive an email from transportation services with a form attached requesting your banking information. Westmount’s accounting department will disperse the PPF funds to you by direct deposit at the end of the school year.


  1. Child(ren) must live greater than 2.4 km from the school and is measured by the shortest route using roadways, pathways and walkways.
  2. Parents must register their transportation choice thru the Online Registration system before September 30th
  3. Applications for PP funding will not be available to parents after September 30th as this is an Alberta Education deadline and NOT a Westmount deadline. There are no exceptions to this date.
  4. Parents can register for Westmount busing OR apply for PP transportation funding. Parents are not permitted to do both.


Alberta Education’s transportation grant is currently $703 per eligible parent transported student. Net payment from Westmount to our PP registered families will be $653 which provides for a $50 fee for program administration.

Disbursement of funding to PP registered families will be made after the end of the school year, once final funding has been received by Alberta Education. We receive our funding in 1/12th’s from Alberta Education therefore we do not receive our funding in its entirety until August each school year. The board office will notify you of payment details late in the school year. If our financial situation affords us the ability to pay this funding in June of the current school year we will do so. The PP funding is paid by direct deposit to your account based on the banking information you provide to us. You will receive an email once this information is required.


Parents who have applied for PP Transportation funding can subsequently make a charitable donation to Westmount Charter School of either ALL or a portion of the funding. A tax receipt will be provided for all donations over $25. Alberta Education requires that we pay out the PP funding in its entirety after which time you can make a donation back to the school. The donation process will be communicated in the spring of each year when disbursement of the funding is being prepared.