Register for Full Time Busing

If you live further than 2.4KM from the school, you have the option of choosing to register for Westmount’s fee-based transportation system.

Registration for full-time busing takes place in Feb/Mar of each year and is completed at the same time you re-register your student for the upcoming year at Westmount.

  1. All Westmount families will receive an email notifying them that the online registration system is open.
  2. Login to the Family Zone (found under Quicklinks and also in the ‘Parents’ menu of the Westmount Website). If you don’t remember your password, use the help buttons available to you.
  3. Complete the re-registration and transportation choices questions.
  4. You will choose AMPM – for Full Time busing.
  5. At this time you will be required to make a non-refundable Transportation deposit of $100 (and a $100 non-refundable Registration deposit).

Once you have completed the registration and transportation form AND paid your deposit your student(s) information and request for busing will be sent to Transportation Services electronically.

Please note that Westmount does not serve areas surrounding the schools nor many of the newer outlying communities. There are also several neighborhoods we do not serve such as the downtown core, Inglewood and south of the Bow River to 17 Ave. Click here to see the current routes/neighborhoods in which we operate. Should you have questions regarding your neighbourhood please direct them to Transportation Services at:

Click here to see the Bus Fees.