Change My Transportation Choice

To modify your transportation choice after you have already registered, please contact Transportation Services in writing at to request your change.

Transferring Between Busing and PPF (Parent Provided Funding)

  • Parents can register for Westmount busing OR apply for PPF. You cannot do both.

Transferring From Busing to PPF

  • Families who have registered for busing can transfer to the PPF program only until September 30th. Please note that your $100 transportation deposit is nonrefundable. In accordance with Alberta Education’s funding provisions, no applications for the PPF will be accepted after September 30th.

Moving From PPF Transportation to Busing

  • Families can move from the PPF program to busing before September 30th with the following provisions:
    • Parents must select from existing routes and stops
    • Full annual Westmount busing fee applies
    • Fees are the same as for regular registrations

If you transfer from PPF to busing after September 30th, government funding received by Westmount under the PPF program will be transferred to the full cost of busing. A $25 administrative charge will apply in addition to the regular busing fee. The same provisions above also apply. Click here for bus fees.