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40th Anniversary Terry Fox Run T-Shirt Contest

Above Photo Courtesy of the Terry Fox Foundation With more than 1,000,000 Terry Fox t-shirts sold in Canada it’s no surprise to see them at all times of year; you may have one in your own closet. To mark the 40th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope, The Terry Fox Foundation invites all Canadians to submit a design to be [...]

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EC Terry Fox Day 2019

On Friday, September 27 Westmount Charter School’s Elementary campus will be participating in the National Terry Fox School Day Run. There will be a number of exciting events happening on this day. Activities will be taking place at our Elementary Campus rain or shine! All students are encouraged to wear their house colour as they participate in the Terry Fox Run and team building house activities. Please click here to read [...]

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EC “Be Like Terry” Initiative

The “Be Like Terry!” initiative is in full swing at Westmount Charter Elementary! As we are fundraising, we want to keep Terry’s legacy alive and encourage all students to “Be Like Terry”. This could be by showing resiliency, perseverance to set goals for the new school year and finding the courage to achieve them. K-4 students have been working on developing [...]

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MH Parent Terry Fox Information

On Friday, September 27th, 2019, Westmount Charter School’s Mid-High campus will be hosting our annual Terry Fox Day. The format for this year will be similar to last year. There will be some lunchtime activities in the days leading up to the run. Sept 16-17: Kick off assemblies   Activities at lunch - some will require a donation to participate and [...]

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EC Terry Fox Kickoff

Terry's legacy continues 39 years later! Elementary students will gather at our annual Terry Fox kick-off assembly today. We will be doing our Terry Fox run on Friday, September 27. Last year we raised close to $26,038.35 for Cancer Research between both schools!  We are so proud of our Westmount family.   The Terry Fox Foundation is an international organization whose mission [...]

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Reminder: Donations Needed by Sept 20 at Mid/High for Terry Fox Lunch Events

Just a quick reminder that we are asking for donations from parents for the teacher donation games which are taking place at lunch from Sept 17-27. We are in need of A LOT of whipped cream/Cool Whip, duct tape, pie tins and some face paint and eggs. Please leave your donation(s) at the main Mid-High office or contact julie.jansen@westmountcharter.com. **We are [...]

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