Paws & Pastries Bake Sale

The Grade 9 Westmount Assisting Others class is hosting a fundraiser!  The Paws and Pastries Bake Sale will be held on the 16th (Monday) and 17th (Tuesday) of October at lunch in the cafeteria! They will be raising money to fund the AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue and Care Society). There will be gluten free and vegan options for students who cannot [...]

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Eco Day/Sweater Weather Day

The Eco Club is inviting students and staff to wear sweaters to raise awareness about climate change, on Eco Day, next Thursday, March 23. The idea is to add a layer rather than turning the temperature higher on the thermostat. This is a simple action the World Wildlife Fund suggests we can take to reduce our use of energy and our impact on our planet. Heating accounts for most of [...]

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Diversity Council Multicultural Day

Tuesday, March 21st is Multicultural Day, so make sure to dress up in your own cultural clothing! There will also be a food sale during lunch at the front entrance so check the menu below for food options and prices and get ready to try out some amazing food! A list of ingredients for each item will be provided at the [...]

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