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October 2018 Featured Article: How to Help Your Child Manage the Intensities

As students are transitioning back to school, here are several articles families may find helpful in supporting their child manage the intensities that may emerge in beginning the new year. Positive reframing, staying in the present, proactive strategies http://summitcenter.us/a-message-from-dr-dan-peters-how-to-manage-your-childs-back-to-school-worries/   Multiple articles to address numerous questions/concerns http://sengifted.org/a-collection-of-the-top-ten-parent-hints-for-starting-the-new-school-year-compiled-by-lori-comallie-caplan/   Talking to your child, proactive strategies https://www.exquisite-minds.com/idea-of-the-week/school-anxiety/

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