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MH Music Program Update

Instrumental Music Program at both School and Home The Grade 6 to Grade 12 students in the WCS Instrumental Music program will continue to learn fingering patterns and valve patterns on their wind instruments in conjunction with digital sound recordings.  Please note that all students will be expected to keep their mouthpieces in their cases during class.  Throughout the school year, these students will be encouraged to record short [...]

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Dr. Wendy Freeman Talks Conducting and Building Trust with the Ensemble

Please click the link below to read an inspirational interview about conducting and ensemble trust, that Dr. Wendy Freeman recently had with Rodrigo Flores from Fredericton, New Brunswick. https://joyfulmagpies.com/2018/11/26/dr-wendy-freeman-talks-conducting-and-building-trust-with-the-ensemble/

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Message from the Elementary Campus Music Room

Grade three and four students will be starting recorders after spring break.  Grade 3’s will receive a recorder and a book the first week back.  Grade 4’s will receive a new book, and are required to bring in their recorder from last year, or $7 if they need to buy a new one.  Please help your child keep their recorder and [...]

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