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Administering Prescription and Non-Prescription Medication at School: Information for Parents

​​If your child needs medications during school hours, it is important to keep in mind the following information. Prescription Medication Required - your doctor must fill and sign the Prescription Drug Medical Treatment form; parents return the form and bring the prescription meds to the school (more information below) Non-Prescription Medication Required (e.g. Advil or Tylenol) - a parent must fill and [...]

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Calgary Sciences Career Academy

            Did you know? More than 130,000 Albertans are employed in the health sector in approximately 200 occupations, and yet there is still a skilled labour shortage in most health occupations! The Calgary Sciences Career Academy takes place on August 12-14, 2019. Programs Covered: Pharmacy technician Practical Nurse Health Care Aide Recreation Therapy Aide Emergency Medical [...]

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Medication Pick Up Deadline

Action Required: Deadline last day of school June 27, 2018 If your child has medication stored at either the Mid/High or Elementary Campus', it must be picked up on the last day of school, June 27th. Medications that have not been picked up will be disposed of – we will not be storing medications during the summer months. Please click here [...]

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The Phone System at the Mid-High Campus is under repair. We are able to receive calls, but our attendance line is not working at full functionality. Should your child be away, please email their teachers and include mhadmin@westmountcharter.com in the email until further notice while we continue to rectify the situation. We are not able to page the classrooms. If your child requires pickup during the day, please ensure that they know what time to come down to the office.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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