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Registration Now Open for Pascal Cayley Fermat (PCF) contest set, and the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) Math Contests

It has been a frigid and bitter week, but there is something bright on the horizon (many things, actually)! We are opening up registration for two contest sets today, the Pascal Cayley Fermat (PCF) contest set, and the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC). If you are interested in participating in either of these contests, come to room 320 at lunch on [...]

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Cold Weather Advisory

As extreme cold and wind chill values continue in Calgary, please ensure your child is prepared and dressed for the weather. As getting to and from school can be challenging during cold weather, please be aware that it is not uncommon for transit complications to occur when it is this cold. The safety and security of our students is of [...]

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School Threats Believed to be a Swatting Incident

Thank you to our parents who have made us aware of a story currently in the local news regarding threats made to Calgary schools today. We are including the link to CBC Calgary news.  https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/swatting-calgary-police-hoax-schools-1.5377736.  We will continue to be vigilant at both campuses, however this time, we will follow the lead of the Calgary Police Service who do not [...]

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Proposed Choice in Education Act

Dear Parents/Guardians, The government has committed to bring forward a Choice in Education Act.  This proposed Act will affirm parents’ rights as primary decision-makers in their child’s education, and support choice. The proposed Act will focus on affirming and supporting choice within the existing education framework.  This is not a discussion about changing the fundamental structures or governance of Alberta’s [...]

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