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It’s EXAM Time!

Final exams, Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT's) and Diploma exams are scheduled between June 12th and June 27th – please see the school calendar for exam details. During our exam administration, we do not hold regularly scheduled classes for high school, although teachers are available to support students, as needed.  Students are welcome to be at school to study or work with teachers in designated [...]

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Provincial Achievement Tests Results

  Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT’s) from June 2018 are being sent home with your grade 7 and 10 students this week (October 22-26). The reports are for students who wrote their PAT exams with Westmount Charter School during the 2017 – 2018 school year. If you are new to our school, please note we have not received any PAT results from [...]

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May Exam Schedule at the Mid-High

Students and parents can visit the website for the scheduled times of May exams at:  https://www.westmountcharter.com/events-calendar/month/?tribe_tags=184   Watch for June Exams coming soon.   The Events Calendar Filter Bar has been set to provide you with a view of only the exams that have been entered into the calendar.  To turn off the filter and view all events for the displayed month, [...]

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