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Gently Used Set of 21″ Binders Needed

Is your office doing some Spring Cleaning???? Mrs. Dodd's class is looking for a set of gently used set of 21" binders for after Spring Break.   Donations may be dropped  the elementary office. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Dodd @ annie.dodd@westmountcharter.com. Thank you!

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Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities at Westmount Charter School

 WestJet Raffle Coordinator: This volunteer will coordinate the WestJet raffle process that happens annually in the Spring at Westmount.   We are looking for a volunteer to take this project on immediately and the time commitment will continue until May. Bottle Drive Volunteers: We have two more bottle drives at Westmount this year and we are asking families to bring [...]

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Direct Donation Campaign for Westmount

Thank you to those families who have donated to Westmount in 2019!  We greatly appreciate your support.  You are helping to provide our children with an enriched educational experience.  You can see where your donations are going in the donation letter. With the end of the calendar year approaching, School Council wanted to remind you that there is still time to [...]

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Elementary Lost & Found Items to be Donated at the end of November

The Elementary Lost & Found contents will be donated at the end of November. Please ask your child to check the Lost & Found if they are missing items. All unclaimed items will be bagged up and sent out on November 28, 2019. Parents, if you wish to come to the school to check the Lost & Found, please stop [...]

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Thank You! Our September Bottle Drive Was Such a Success!

  Thanks to everyone who brought refundables to the bottle drive last week. We had a great turnout.  Our partners from Vecova were amazed at how many bags we had! We would also like to say a huge thank you to Jill for coordinating the bottle drives again this year and thanks to those volunteers who helped out.  We couldn’t do [...]

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MH Terry Fox Day 2019

On Friday, September 27th Westmount Charter School’s Mid/High campus will be participating in the National Terry Fox School Day Run. There will be a number of exciting events happening on this day. Activities will be taking place at our Mid/High Campus rain or shine! All students are encouraged to wear Westmount Purple and Gold as they participate in the Terry Fox Run and activities. Food Trucks: Mid/High students and staff will have the opportunity [...]

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EC Terry Fox Day 2019

On Friday, September 27 Westmount Charter School’s Elementary campus will be participating in the National Terry Fox School Day Run. There will be a number of exciting events happening on this day. Activities will be taking place at our Elementary Campus rain or shine! All students are encouraged to wear their house colour as they participate in the Terry Fox Run and team building house activities. Please click here to read [...]

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EC “Be Like Terry” Initiative

The “Be Like Terry!” initiative is in full swing at Westmount Charter Elementary! As we are fundraising, we want to keep Terry’s legacy alive and encourage all students to “Be Like Terry”. This could be by showing resiliency, perseverance to set goals for the new school year and finding the courage to achieve them. K-4 students have been working on developing [...]

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MH Parent Terry Fox Information

On Friday, September 27th, 2019, Westmount Charter School’s Mid-High campus will be hosting our annual Terry Fox Day. The format for this year will be similar to last year. There will be some lunchtime activities in the days leading up to the run. Sept 16-17: Kick off assemblies   Activities at lunch - some will require a donation to participate and [...]

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EC Terry Fox Kickoff

Terry's legacy continues 39 years later! Elementary students will gather at our annual Terry Fox kick-off assembly today. We will be doing our Terry Fox run on Friday, September 27. Last year we raised close to $26,038.35 for Cancer Research between both schools!  We are so proud of our Westmount family.   The Terry Fox Foundation is an international organization whose mission [...]

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