Volunteer at Westmount

We welcome volunteers on field trips, in the classroom,  and for School Council-sponsored activities.

As a Westmount volunteer, you are placed in a position of trust with students, staff or property. A valid security clearance must be obtained for some types of volunteer activities.

Note: Guest speakers or visitors to the school, and parents assisting their own child only are not considered to be volunteers, and do not require a security clearance.

The Volunteer Process

Before you can volunteer at Westmount, you must do several things:

  1. Determine which Westmount Category your volunteer activity falls within.
  2. If category “A”, you must complete a Police Information Check (PIC) and Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC):
      • Request a PIC letter (volunteer letter) from the Elementary or Mid-High office.  You can do this by email to nancy.kinniburgh@westmountcharter.com or shelley.murray@westmountcharter.com. School administrators will verify your identity and register you in our volunteer database. We will then provide you with a letter enabling you to obtain a police information check from the Calgary Police Service (CPS).
      • You may complete a Police Information Check either online (ePIC) or in-person at a designated police station.
      • Complete the Westmount Volunteer Registration form and the Volunteer Driver form and Declaration (if you intend to be a driver during your volunteer activity). Submit these forms to the school office (Elementary or Mid-High) along with your Police Information check (When the CPS sends you your ePIC, you must share it electronically with Westmount).
      • Volunteer drivers applicants must also submit a copy of:
        • A recent Driver Abstract obtained from an Alberta Registry Office (the individual must have a safe driving record with less than six demerit points). You may get a Driver Abstract from an Alberta Registry Office for a small fee.
        • your driver’s licence
        • registration
        • insurance
  3. If category “B”, you do not require a Police Information Check (PIC) or Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC):


Volunteer Opportunity Methods image

You may also check the top-right corner of this volunteer web page for volunteer opportunities.

The VSPN (Volunteer Screening Program Number) issued by Volunteer Alberta, replaced Westmount’s VOAN number in July 2017.

  • The VSPN provides a fee waiver for field trip volunteers and volunteer drivers applying for a Police Information Check.
  • *Note that volunteer driver applicants must also provide the school with a copy of a Driver Abstract obtained from an Alberta Registry Office and have a safe driving record with less than six demerit points.  The driver applicant is responsible for paying the fee for this document.  (Driver abstract fees may vary by Registry Office).

All other Category A volunteers  (those not volunteering for field trips or driving), will be required to cover a $15 fee to apply for a Police Information Check.

There is no cost associated with becoming a Category B volunteer.

    • Your Volunteer Registration Form must be resubmitted to the school every three years.
    • The Volunteer Driver Form/Declaration must be resubmitted every year, along with a recent Driver Abstract.
    • The Police Information Check (PIC or ePIC) will expire in 3 years from the date you receive your approval. You are responsible for reapplying for a new PIC before it expires. (You may reapply within 3 months of expiration). If this is not done, you will have to wait for the new PIC to arrive before you can resume volunteering.

Requirements include:

  • A current and valid drivers license
  • A Driver Abstract* obtained from an Alberta Registry Office (the individual must have a safe driving record with less than six demerit points)
  • Current Registration
  • Proof of a minimum $2,000,000 public liability and property damage insurance coverage.

*A Driver Abstract may be obtained for a small fee from any Alberta Registries office.

Please see the Westmount Volunteer Handbook for more details.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Supporting Documents


(Police Information Check Required)


  • Chaperones for field trips (local, provincial, national or international)
  • Classroom assistance under the direction and supervision of a teacher
  • Unsupervised work with students
  • Driving students to school-related events
  • Assist with assemblies or drama productions, working directly with students
  • Learning Commons (library) – work with students


(No Police Information Check Required)


  • Bulletin board development and maintenance/Landscape maintenance
  • Science Fairs/Bottle drives/ Stampeder games parking/ Silent auctions
  • Building/take down of sets for drama productions without students
  • Grant writing
  • Parent information meetings or workshop set-up
  • Staff appreciation year-end luncheon/Organizing parents for special projects

We are grateful for our volunteers!

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