PowerSchool is Westmount’s Student Information System.

It is where parents go to securely log-in and:

  • view their child’s student information, including schedules, attendance, report cards, assignments and IPP’s
  • set PowerSchool email notifications (parents can request an email from the PowerSchool system, detailing notifications they want to receive on a regular basis from PowerSchool)
  • update the email address to which PowerSchool sends it’s notifications. We recommend that each parent/guardian create their own PowerSchool account.

Grade 5-12 students can also login to PowerSchool and view their schedules, attendance, report cards and assignments.

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Informed Consent

By registering and creating a PowerSchool account, you consent to the following:

I hereby acknowledge that there is a minimal level of risk of my child’s personal information being compromised (just as there is in any on-line student information program), and that Westmount Charter School will take reasonable proactive measures to insure due-diligence with school technology security, for example the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). I accept that my username and password needs to be kept secret from other people, including my child, to protect my PowerSchool account. I also recognize that it is not advisable to use public computers or insecure wireless networks to access my PowerSchool account. I understand that I should customize the notifications that I wish to receive in my profile, and that Westmount Charter School will no longer be reporting absences via the phone and/or e-mail during this process. I understand that I need to set-up my PowerSchool account with an e-mail address that I check frequently to receive notifications in a timely manner.

For more information or to answer any questions, please contact please contact the Elementary Campus or the Mid-High Campus.

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