Grad Photos

Grad photos are taken by Life Touch at the school. Photo dates are February 28-March 11, 2019 and may be found in the Westmount events calendar.

  • Photos are booked online at
  • $50 sitting fee.
  • Proofs are mailed to your home. Photos will not be mailed until the sitting fee has been paid.
  • The average cost for photo packages is $250.00.
  • Ordering photos are set up for one lunch hour if you would like to come down to meet with them. Otherwise, ordering happens online.
  • Photos are sent directly to your home.
  • Ordering is done directly with Life Touch.

For more information about grad photos, visit the Westmount News page and click on the Grade 9-12 category, or use the search bar to search for “graduation“.

For further questions, please contact our graduation planner, Ms. Brandie Sedore.