Grad Fundraising

Graduation fees will be reduced from $250 to $100 if graduates choose to raise $150 through fundraising or volunteering.

  1. If you choose the full buyout option, your student does not need to participate in any fundraising or ticket sales as you will have already paid the fee upfront with your school fees in October.
  • Please email Brandie Sedore by October 31, 2018 to inform her that you would like to do the buyout.
  • If your student chooses to participate in some of the fundraising, that is no problem, however, you will not be reimbursed if you’ve chosen the buyout option.
  1. If your student chooses to participate in the fundraising activities, we will offer four chances to earn the additional $150.00.
  • Purdy’s Chocolate Christmas Fundraiser (minimum $150 in sales = $37.50).
  • Purdy’s Chocolate Easter chocolate (minimum $150 in sales = $37.50).
  • Rent-a-Grad (no minimum funds to raise).
  • Selling Graduation tickets (sign up to sell tickets at least one lunch hour).
  1. Each activity in which the student participates, earns the family a refund of $37.50. (So participate in all four of the fundraising activities and you have worked off the entire $150.00).
  2. All fundraising dollars are added to the overall fund.
  3. A spreadsheet is maintained noting which fundraising activities the student has participated in throughout the year. The information is submitted to our Board office to process any refunds due back to families.

Purdy’s Chocolates Fundraiser

Fundraising for Purdy’s is easy! Students are provided with Purdy’s catalogs as well as a personal online link for each student. Students hand out catalogs or email the personal link information to teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, community members, etc. Once Grads have collected the paper orders they keep all of these sheets and compile the orders onto one separate order sheet with their names on it and all of the money collected is turned in.

Once orders arrive, we will compile and label the orders with each student’s name and provide bags for distribution. Students must refer back to their individual order sheets so they know which chocolates to give to whom. If you have people who have ordered online, we will keep copies of their orders in order to distribute to them.


  • Tradition at Westmount.
  • Pictures are taken of the students and bid sheets are created and posted on a wall at the Mid-High campus.
  • The grade 5 – 11 population and staff bid to “own” the graduate for the day.
  • Graduates come in at 8:00 a.m. to meet the student or staff member who purchased them.
  • Graduates must make themselves available during any spares and the lunch hour to do whatever their owner requests of them.
  • Examples: make them dress up funny, carry their items around from class to class, carry them around from class to class, detail cars, make a McDonald’s or Peter’s trip for food, etc.
  • Students must follow our Student Code of Conduct and the grads will not be asked to do anything outside of that Code of Conduct. If at any time, they are uncomfortable, they may speak directly to the organizers about their concerns.
  • The 2018 graduates raised $750.00 through Rent-a-Grad!

For further questions, please contact our graduation planner, Ms. Brandie Sedore.