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Student Resources and Support for the Mid-High Campus

Welcome to Student Resources and Support.

Research has shown that gifted students with disabilities that significantly impact learning present diagnostic challenges and are best identified through comprehensive assessment by psychologists and other specialists that detects complex patterns of strengths and challenges (National Association for Gifted Children, 2013). Ensuring that these students are supported is very important to the Student Services team in its mission to help students develop into resilient, courageous, lifelong learners.

Various types of formal and informal tests used to gather data to support student learning. The information gathered through the assessment is used to develop appropriate learning profiles for students.

  • Informal reading inventories.
  • Classroom observations.
  • Level B testing ie). Keymath, GORT, TOWL.
  • Broader educational assessments.
  • Social-emotional rating scales and observations.
  • Assessments are carried out by qualified Student Services staff

WCS Student Services is mindful of our responsibility to provide support for all students based on their individual educational circumstances. Specific accommodations are provided to identified students to ensure fairness and to remove inequitable obstacles to performance.

  • Accommodations are granted following Alberta Education guidelines.
  • Accommodations may be recommended by psychologists, doctors or other qualified professionals.
  • Students with accommodations generally write their tests and exams in Student Services.
  • Accommodations may take the form of: extra time, quiet space, scribe, speech to text, reader, and others as required.

Peer tutoring is a program in which students help other students to achieve academic success. Our peer tutors helps students: plan and assist in completing assignments to meet deadlines, improve their study and organizational skills, and gain confidence about their overall academic performance

  • WCS peer tutors are students from Grade 8-12 who are available to help in a wide variety of subject areas.
  • Tutoring takes place Monday-Thursday at lunch time in Student Services or in a location that is prearranged between a student and his/her tutor.

Peer mentorship is a program aimed at helping students develop social and emotional competence, develop skills in relationship and communication, and may help students to solve problems they may have.

  • WCS peer mentors are students from Grade 8-12 who are available to support students in the social, personal, emotional domains.
  • Peer mentors will have the support of the Student Services Counsellors in their work with their mentee.

To apply to tutor/mentor or to request a tutor/mentor email or talk to Ms. Joanne Reynolds in Student Services: mhstudent.services@westmountcharter.com.

We encourage student participation in many off-campus activities and learning programs.

  • MEI
  • Shad Valley
  • Heritage Youth Researcher Summer program (HYRS)
  • ADLC
  • Summer School

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Assistive Technology Document

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List of Educational Apps

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National Association for Gifted Children (2013). Ensuring Gifted Children with Disabilities Receive Appropriate Services: Call for Comprehensive Assessment. NACG: Washington, DC.