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Learning Support for the Mid-High Campus

Welcome to Mid-High Student Services Learning Support.

Learning Strategists:

Learning Strategists are responsible for supporting the learning needs of Grade 5 – 12 students, who are both gifted and have additional identified learning needs. Through a capacity-building model, Learning Strategists support students’ needs, both individually and in small groups, within and outside the classroom. Learning Strategists collaborate with classroom teachers, building capacity through programming support, co-creating universally designed environments, developing IPPs and Behaviour Support Plans. They may also provide Level B and informal assessments to inform student programming.

ELL (English Language Learner) Strategist:

Westmount’s ELL Strategist provides support to students who are identified as gifted and learning English as an additional language, as well as their teachers. Using a capacity-building model, the ELL Strategist will collaborate with teachers to design learning tasks for ELL students, and may work at an individual, small-group, or classroom level to ensure the students’ ELL needs are being met. As part of the strategist’s responsibilities, additional language proficiency assessment may be performed to inform programming decisions and benchmarking.