Introduction and Philosophy

Whether life will continue on in this world now depends on us, and whether we survive, and preserve a life worth living depends on the kind of selves we are able to create and on the relationships and social forms we succeed in building….M.m Csikszentmihalyi

Career Development and Post-Secondary Planning is about knowing who you are, what you value, what you love to do and how you work best. Every child has an inner agenda to be true to themselves and embodies a unique self that deserves to be honored. Fulfilling careers are ones that utilize these natural and unique abilities.

At Westmount we recognize our students as architects of their own life and embrace the process of career education and development as a journey from the inside out; an authentic path that affirms their desire to discover and develop their potential, passion and gifts. Giftedness is a whole person phenomenon. It includes heart and soul and is not limited to achievement and intelligence.

Many gifted students struggle with career choices due to their multi-potentialities, diverse passions, skills and perfectionism. In order to support our students fully in realizing their potential, they need to know precisely how they are gifted and how their giftedness plays a role in their lives and their future planning.

We hope that you will find that the Career Centre Resources offered on these website pages to be a valuable tool with respect to you career and post-secondary planning!

Post-Secondary Presentation (PowerPoint)

Supports We Provide for Our Students

  1. Individual consultation and support in crafting a career or post-secondary path from all members of the Student Services Team.
  2. Direction in course, school and program selection that fit the needs and passions of our students.
  3. Assistance in locating financial support, bursaries and scholarships.
  4. Administration of aptitude, personality and interest inventories.
  5. The co-ordination of Post-Secondary and Career/Fairs and Guest Speakers.
  6. Review and practice of skills such as interviewing, application submissions, volunteering and networking.
  7. Comprehensive college, university information and requirements to help plan education and training options.
  8. Access to the Career Cruising Guidance System which includes assessments, career explorations, employment guides and personalized, individual plans.