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Student Services for the Mid-High Campus

A heartfelt welcome from the Student Services team at Westmount Charter Mid High! Our department works together to ensure student success by fostering education from the inside out. Our mission is to provide students who are gifted an experience that supports their needs, abilities, and potential, to provide opportunities for inner growth, to providing students with a Comprehensive Counselling and Resource Program that is facilitated by empathic, compassionate and warm counsellors and resource specialists whose ethical practice develops lifelong, resilient, balanced and courageous learners.

Student Services is happy to provide educational, personal and career counselling and resource and learning support. Our counsellors offer direct and indirect services to students and their families, and also work closely with school district personnel, district programming and community agencies to provide additional assistance as required. Our resource and learning support specialists, including our TLA’s, offer learning and educational support to students and teachers.

All students and teachers are encouraged to access the support of Student Services throughout their middle-high school experience. We are here to assist students in making school a positive experience.

To contact us email: mhstudentservices@westmountcharter.com