Stack of Tech devices

Welcome to Digital Life at the Mid-High

Digital media connects us in more social and interactive ways than ever before. At Westmount, we provide many technology resources to enhance the learning experience. It is important for students to understand and exercise personal responsibility in their use of all of these resources.

All Students Are Expected to Review the Responsible Use of Technology Agreement Here

This information has changed. Technology requirements for Grade 5 students are now the same as for grades 6-12 students.  Please click the tab below for Technology for students coming into Grades 5-12.

Students coming into grade 5 are not expected to bring their own technology to school, although they are welcome to do so if it will support their learning needs. Grade 5 students will, instead, have access to a class set of Chromebook devices allowing them to explore digital citizenship, safety, and the role of technology as a tool to support their learning. The grade 5 teaching team will work with students to integrate the technology into their classroom learning. With guidance and support through the grade 5 year, students will gain an understanding of how technology fits into their world as a learner, and their responsibility to use technology in a safe and ethical manner, preparing them for bringing their own device in grade 6.