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A nurse from Alberta Health Services will be at the elementary campus offering catch-up vaccinations to elementary students who may have missed some of their routine childhood immunizations. Consent forms were already sent home to EC families.

  • AHS Public Health Nurses have assessed the vaccination status of all students all grades.
  • If your student brought home a package containing vaccination consent forms, this indicates there are routine vaccines for which your child is eligible. If you received consent forms, please read them and return to the school indicating how you wish us to proceed.
  • If we do not have adequate vaccination information for your student, there is an immunization record information request form we would ask you to complete.
  • If your student is up to date with routine childhood vaccines, they did not receive a vaccination package and no further follow up is required.
  • These immunizations will be given at school on the morning of Tuesday, April 11th.
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