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Save the Date! Student/Teacher/Parent Online Conferences November 2021 – Book Your Conferences Now

  • Thursday November 4, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm (Mid School only (Gr 5-8)) & 4:00pm – 7:00pm (Mid-High (Gr 5-12))
  • Friday November 5, 2020 9:00am – 1:00pm (Mid-High (Gr 5-12))

You are invited to meet with your child/ren’s teachers. Teachers will be available through Google Meet. You will need to use a google account to access the teacher appointment links. If you do not have your own google account, you may use your child’s wcs-g account.

To book a time slot:

  1.  Click the link provided in the October 29th email from Communications.
  2. Then click on the teacher with whom you wish to book. To view a teacher’s calendar, click on their name.
  3. From the available time slots, select the time at which you would like to attend.
  4. You MUST CLICK ACCEPT to confirm the appointment. If you do not click accept, the appointment will not be booked for you.
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