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Jump Rope for Heart is more than a day to celebrate raising funds for critical research that saves lives, prevents heart disease and stroke, and supports survivors and their families. Jump Rope for Heart also helps to:

·        Motivate kids to get active and get outside!

·        Reinforce healthy habits like healthy eating and physical activity.

·        Teach the importance of social responsibility and helping others in the community and across Canada.

·        Empower kids to make a difference by supporting a good cause.

·        Boosts school spirit


Our campaign will run from Friday, April 28th, until Friday, May 12th. Our School Wide Jump Event will be held May 12th. Throughout the campaign, students will learn about Heart Health and learn/develop the skill of skipping in Phys Ed class. This year’s goal is to raise $5,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Fundraising is completely optional and is to be done strictly online. Students are also encouraged to track their Healthy Habits through the EASY JR4H program. If 50% of our registered Jump participants are tracking their EASY Healthy Habits online, our school will have the chance to win a prize pack!


To sign up, check your Friday, April 28 weekly newsletter for the link to set up a fundraising page for your student.


Happy skipping!

EC PE Department 

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