///Gr 5-8 P/T Interviews Core/Complimentary & Phys. Ed
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  • Parent Teacher Interviews for Grades 5-8 Core Courses
    • If a meeting has been booked to discuss your child’s core courses, it will be scheduled for today.


  • Parent Teacher Interviews for Grades 5-8 Complementary and Phys. Ed. courses (Complementary courses include band, second languages, OE, or innovations etc.)
    • During parent-teacher interviews, you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress in Phys. Ed or complementary courses and ways you can help at home. You may book an interview for these courses for Thursday the 21st or Friday, the 22nd of March.
    • To meet with your child’s teacher, please click here to sign upAccess Code for the signup can be found in the Friday, March 8 morning communication.