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The Eco Club is inviting students and staff to wear sweaters to raise awareness about climate change, on Eco Day, next Thursday, March 23. The idea is to add a layer rather than turning the temperature higher on the thermostat. This is a simple action the World Wildlife Fund suggests we can take to reduce our use of energy and our impact on our planet.

Heating accounts for most of our residential energy use in Canada. By lowering our thermostats by two degrees, we could prevent megatons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering our atmosphere! Plus, we finally have an excuse to pull out our holiday sweaters more than once a year!

This initiative is part of the Eco Club’s efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle (3 Rs). The Club has received a grant from the City of Calgary in collaboration with Eco-Schools Canada to support us in completing various environmental actions. This year, the Club has decided to focus its efforts on promoting the three Rs mentioned above. Look out for next week’s newsletter post inviting you to explore options to reduce waste during the lunch hour!

– The Eco Club

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