The below steps are an overview of the application process.

Required Documentation to include with online Application for Admission:

  • Scan the following list of documents to PDF files. (Instructions here). Make sure you scan both sides of the documents where there is information on both sides. DO THIS BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE ONLINE APPLICATION.
    • Psychological Assessment (Required document)
    • Birth Certificate (Required document)
    • Most recent report card (Grades 2-4) (Required document)
    • Immigration Documentation, if applicable. Canadian Passport preferred, however this may also include a Permanent Residency Card, Work Visa, Student Visa, Permanent Landed Immigrant papers or a Canadian Citizenship Card.
    • Any assessment documentation other than the Psychological Assessment i.e. assessment to address social/emotional/behavioural concerns.
    • An Individual Program Plan (IPP) associated with behavioral intervention funding, Primary Unit Funding (PUF), or any Severe Disabilities funding.
    • Custody or Guardianship documentation if applicable.

To apply to Westmount Charter School, your child must have undergone Intelligence Testing (Psychological Assessment) with a Registered Psychologist. Read the document below to find out about Westmount’s application requirements.

Click HERE for important information on Giftedness and Intelligence Testing

  1. Read steps 1-5 of the application process.
  2. Review this CHECKLIST carefully as it contains all of the steps required to apply
  • New to Westmount families must create a new SchoolEngage account and then complete an online application.
  • Current Westmount families wanting to submit an application for a sibling of a student already attending Westmount may access SchoolEngage from their Parent PowerSchool account and then complete an online application.  Current Westmount families do not need to create a new SchoolEngage account.

Detailed instructions will be found on the Elementary Applications page.

Notification email: TBA

Applicants will receive a notification email either indicating that the initial review of their application has resulted in its discontinuation. Grade 2-4 applicants may be invited to an online interview.

Those invited will:

  • meet Westmount’s criteria for gifted (FSIQ or GAI of 130 +/- 5)
  • PIP score (from the application form) is in the gifted range
  • TILS score (optional) is in the gifted range
  • Be “…students identified by the assessment process as demonstrating characteristics of giftedness most appropriate to the school’s program.” Westmount Administrative Procedure 300: 2.2.1

Those who do not receive this notification email and have not previously been notified that their application has been discontinued, are asked to email