To apply to Westmount Charter School, your child must have undergone Intelligence Testing (Psychological Assessment) with a Registered Psychologist. Read the document below to find out about Westmount’s application requirements.

Click HERE for important information on Giftedness and Intelligence Testing

  1. Read steps 1-5 of the application process.
  2. Print, Complete and Submit the appropriate Application.

Required Documentation to include with Application for Admission:

  • Application form
  • Demographic Overview form
  • Parent Inventory for Finding Potential (PIP) form
  • Teacher Inventory of Learning Strengths (TILS). Kindergarten applicants DO NOT need to submit a TILS.  Grades 1-4 Applicants, this form is optional. Your child’s current teacher may decline to provide this form. If this happens, it will not affect your application.
  • Preliminary Medical form

Additionally, please include Photocopies of the following:

  • 2 Photocopies of Psychological Assessment
  • Immigration Documentation (If Applicable)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social/behavioural assessment summary document (If any).
  • An IPP associated with intensive behavioural intervention funding, primary unit funding (PUF), or severe disabilities funding (if any).

**The office cannot make photocopies for you**

Applications may be hand-delivered to the secure dropbox at the front doors of the  Elementary campus or submitted electronically.

Notification email: TBA

Applicants will receive a notification email either indicating that the initial review of their application has resulted in its discontinuation. Grade 2-4 applicants may be invited to an online interview.

Those invited will:

  • meet Westmount’s criteria for gifted (FSIQ or GAI of 130 +/- 5)
  • PIP is in the gifted range
  • TILS (optional) is in the gifted range
  • Be “…students identified by the assessment process as demonstrating characteristics of giftedness most appropriate to the school’s program.” Westmount Administrative Procedure 300: 2.2.1

Those who do not receive this notification email and have not previously been notified that their application has been discontinued, are asked to email