Grades 5-12 Application Process

It is important to review the grades 5-12 Application process below before you apply.  Applications will be submitted online for the 2024-2025 school year.

All Grade 5-12 Applicants are Required to Submit a Psychological Assessment with Their Application.

  • We do not offer assessments through Westmount Charter School.
  • All applicants for Grades 5-12 will be required to submit a psychological assessment with their application.
  • We will no longer accept CCAT testing as a valid assessment to include with your application.
  • Your application cannot be submitted  if you do not upload a Psychological Assessment when prompted.

Applications and supporting documents are now submitted online through PowerSchool Enrollment.

5-12 Guide to Application Information – Click here to Read.

Review this CHECKLIST carefully as it contains all of the steps required to apply

Your application cannot be submitted to our online system if you do not upload a Psychological Assessment when prompted.

Application for Admission, which includes:

Application Process – Complete the online application through SchoolEngage by clicking the APPLY NOW button on the Admissions Home page. All supporting documentation is uploaded during the application process in .pdf  format). 

    • Supporting Documentation in digital format Have digital copies of the documents below available when you begin your online application.  Make sure you include BOTH sides of your documentation where there is information on the back – this is especially important for Government documents. The application cannot be submitted if any of your supporting documents are missing and you will have to exit the application.
      • Psychological Assessment *Required
      • Birth Certificate (both sides) *Required
      • Immigration Documentation (If applicable; ideally in the form of a Permanent Residency Card, but may also include a Work Visa, Student Visa, Permanent Landed Immigrant papers or a Canadian Citizenship card. A Canadian Passport is ideal if available).
      • Copy of student’s current grades or June of previous year *Required
      • “WHY WESTMOUNT” for your child *Required (See Checklist for details)
      • Social/behavioural assessment summary document (If any)
      • An IPP associated with intensive behavioural intervention funding, primary unit funding (PUF), or severe disabilities funding (if any).
  • Teacher Inventory of Learning Strengths (TILS) survey. When you fill out the application form, you will be asked to provide the email address of an individual who can complete a Teacher Inventory of Learning Strengths (TILS) survey for your child.  Our preference would be your child’s current homeroom teacher, a resource teacher or guidance counselor who has recently worked with your child or an administrator at your child’s current school. However, we understand that some schools will not allow teachers or staff members to complete forms for external schools. While your child will not be penalized if the teacher is not able to fill out the form, you are also welcome to have a coach/piano teacher/tutor (someone other than a relative who knows your child well) complete the form. If you are unable to have a TILS completed, it will not impact your child’s application. If you do provide an email address, we will email the TILS to that individual with instructions on how to complete and send back to the school.

If these individuals are unavailable, or do not return the form please note this does not affect the application in any way.  The information is simply a tool for us to get to know and understand the learning needs of your student.

Please do not call the office to find out the status of your application. We will contact applicants by email if they are being considered for an available spot.

Applicants will receive an auto-generated confirmation of receipt email from SchoolEngage when their application has been successfully submitted through our system.

By the end of March, applicants will receive an update email indicating the status of their student’s application and where we are in our admissions process. If we are able to offer a space for a student, we will send a separate email with “Offer of a Seat” in the subject line.  Applicants must accept their offer by the deadline stated in the email or the seat will be offered to another applicant. An offer may be extended from the end of March through to the middle of September.

If you do not receive any notification email by March 21, 2024, please email