Dear Westmount Parents and Guardians,

Education Minister Adriana LaGrange recently announced that the winter break for Alberta schools will be extended through next week.  January 3-7 is now a non-instruction week for students. Students are now scheduled to return to school on Monday, Jan. 10, 2022.

More information on this announcement is available here.

Alberta Education has also announced that January diploma exams are cancelled. Decisions regarding the April diploma exams will be made at a later date.

Masks and rapid test kits for all students and staff are to be delivered the week of Jan 10th.  Masks will be medical grade (surgical quality, disposable, but not N-95 as these need to be individually fitted and manufactured. The masks provided are the next best option.  Cloth masks must be 3-layers including a filter (specifications on AHS website).  There will be ‘pediatric’ level masks for K-6 students and adult level masks for grades 7-12 students and all staff.

All former pandemic protocols remain in place such as hand washing, social distancing, extra cleaning, and Cohorting. More details about the use of rapid test kits and isolation requirements for positive test results will be communicated later.

We understand the impacts that this decision has on families and we endeavour to work toward a safe return to learning as soon as possible.


Joe Frank