Dear Westmount staff and Community,

During the September 23, 2021 COVID update Dr. Hinshaw provided clarity regarding the new daily checklist:

Dr. Hinshaw communicated that she has added a new recommendation for any unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals when there is a positive COVID case in their household. The new recommendation is that any unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals (including children under 12) should stay home for 14 days when a person who lives in the same house as them tests positive for COVID. This request to stay home for 14 days is only a strong recommendation not a mandate. She acknowledged that this may be an issue for school aged children under 12 as they are not able to get vaccinated. This means that anyone who is not protected with 2 doses of vaccine after a household positive case should quarantine for 14 days. Dr. Hinshaw indicated that this recommendation only applies for household contacts and not school based (e.g. classmates) or workplace exposures/close contacts.

Stay well.

Joe Frank
Westmount Charter School