Dear Westmount Families and Staff:

All school authorities across the province received their 2021/22 budget allocations from Alberta Education.  The government committed to a principle of “holding harmless” which means that school authority budgets will be maintained at the same level as the previous year. Due to the changes established in the allocation formula effective September 2021, Westmount would have experienced a significant shortfall in our 2021/22 budget.  The government provided mitigation funding to address such shortfalls for which we are thankful.

The 2021/22 budgets do not include any additional allocations (federal or provincial) for pandemic related expenses such as personal protective equipment, disinfectant supplies, or extraordinary staff hiring.  Westmount was afforded the capacity to hire additional teachers for the current school year to enable the facilitation of at-home/online learning for those families who chose that alternative to in-person learning.

Unfortunately, under the new budget allocation, Westmount will not be able to afford at-home learning (SEAL for grades 1-4 or AHL for grades 5-12) in 2021/22.  The anticipated expectation is that all students will return to in-person learning September 1, 2021.  Families will need to consider their options if they choose not to have their children return to school this fall.

If current pandemic circumstances continue into the fall term and the governments (federal and/or provincial) provide the requisite, additional funding to school authorities, Westmount will endeavour to facilitate appropriate at-home learning at that time.

We will keep the community and staff informed over the next few months as related information comes to our attention.

Thank you.


Joe Frank
Westmount Charter School