Theme: Normalcy

Attention all MidHigh Students!

We are happy to announce WCS will be accepting written and visual submissions for the fourth annual WCS Literary Anthology for Grades 5-12.  The aim of the anthology is to provide our gifted students with the opportunity to explore their inner writer, poet, playwright, satirist and publish meaningful short stories, poems, monologues, narrative essays, recipes, and photographs that explore the theme of normalcy.

Upon submission, student work will be screened for the relationship to the theme and then the student will be assigned to both a high school student and teacher editor. The writer will be led through an editing process that will develop their skills and confidence, fostering a sense of community, and result in the writer’s work being published in our anthology.  This year we are excited to include new submission categories including:

  • monologues
  • screenplays
  • recipes, and
  • photographs.

We invite you to take this opportunity to ponder the theme of normalcy, or maybe a lack thereof and share your finest poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction, monologues, screenplays, recipes, and photographs that explore this theme.

Submission Categories

Hover over a category to view details


Grades 5-6: One-page limit

Grades 7-12: Two-page limit

Short Story

Grades 5-6: 1200 word limit

Grades 7-12: 1500 word limit

Creative Non-Fiction

Grades 5-6: 1000 word limit

Grades 7-12: 1200 word limit


Grade 5-12: One-page limit


Grades 5-12: Four-page limit

Recipe (must include a narrative)

Grades 5-12: Three-page limit


Grades 5-12: Maximum of three images

Submission Requirements

  • Deadline to Submit: Students must submit their written and visual work to by May 10, 2021.
  • Formats: Writing submissions need to be submitted as a Word, Google Doc (not as a link), or PDF file, and photographs should be submitted as a jpeg file.

All submissions must include the student’s grade and full name.  Moreover, once students’ submissions have been vetted for connections to the theme, students will be required to participate in an editing process to provide opportunities for written work to be revised. This is part of the learning process—students who do not work with assigned editors will not have their work published.


If you have any questions, please direct them to Mr. Jamie Good at