I have/had accommodations in high school.  How do I get accommodations at University / College?

For most academic institutions, students must register with Accessibility Services at the respective post-secondary school and provide appropriate documentation of their learning need(s), after receiving an offer of admission.  For students attending post-secondary schools in the fall of 2021, meetings and coordination with Accessibility Services would be scheduled for the spring of 2021.  Be sure to reach out to the Accessibility Services Department / representative to schedule an appointment.  If your child will be 18 at this time, they will need to coordinate this appointment themselves.


What type of documentation do I need to provide in order to access accommodations in post-secondary schools?

The documentation of accommodations and services must be:

  • From a physician, psychologist, audiologist, ophthalmologist or other licensed specialist;
  • Submitted on letterhead and include the clinician’s name, title, phone number, address, dates of assessment(s);
  • Dated;
  • Documentation should specify the impact of the learning needs on a student in an academic setting and ideally, identify recommended accommodations and supports for the student in an educational setting;
  • Documentation should generally be less than 2 years old.  Please verify specific post-secondary requirement with each

Does the need for academic accommodation affect my application to university / college?

A student’s application will be reviewed using the same criteria, standards and requirements used for all applicants.  Once admitted, time will be spent with the respective Accessibility Department to assess and develop student support.

All information provided to the Accessibility Department is confidential and is not released to anyone without written consent from the student.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Agata Kesik, Career and Post-Secondary Development Counsellor at agata.kesik@westmountcharter.com