Westmount Wear is partnering with Parent Council!!

Parent Council fundraiser

Get your Westmount Strong t-shirts!

Since we aren’t able to do some of our usual fundraising this year, we asked our Westmount community to think of new ways to raise money for our school, and you have sent in some great ideas. The “Westmount Strong” t-shirt is a way to help us raise money for Westmount and celebrate our school spirit in these challenging times.  These t-shirts have been designed by our own Westmount students and will be available for purchase after the fall break, starting on November 18! 

A big thank-you to all of the talented students who submitted designs for the t-shirts. We have chosen one t-shirt designed by a mid-high student, and one t-shirt designed by an elementary student.

The Westmount School Council is excited to have the opportunity to sell the Westmount Strong t-shirts for $25/shirt on the Westmount Wear site.  Partial proceeds from the sale of each t-shirt will go towards funding school needs.

If you have enough t-shirts but still want to make a donation to help the school, you can also donate by credit card through the Online Clothing Store (see info below for how to order)! For donations over $25 you will receive a tax receipt (tax receipts are issued twice a year and sent out in January and September).

Show your Spirit with Westmount Strong t-shirts and support our school and our kids!

Westmount Strong Shirts

Westmount Wear (Clothing):

Some NEW items have been added for the 2020-21 school year!

  • Crewneck sweaters with chenille W.
  • Westmount facemask (the same as the ones the teachers have).
  • WCS toques – 2 designs available.
  • Westmount Strong Fundraiser t-shirts.
    • amount donated per shirt will depend on the number of shirts ordered.
    • The more shirts ordered the bigger the donation per shirt to Parent Council.

Ordering opens November 18 and closes December 7, 2020.

To view the items available for 2020-21 school year, click here!

How to place an order:

  1. Log into the Family Zone from the Westmount Website.
    • We are unable to provide sample sizes this year due to covid. *NO returns allowed.
  2. On the right-side menu, click on gym clothing order.
  3. Select the clothing you want.
  4. Pay via credit card.
  5. Your order was placed if you receive a confirmation page in your email.