Westmount High School Families:

For future post-secondary students, students who require on-going supports and/or accommodations in the post-secondary institutions, please review the following information:


Question: I had accommodations in high school. How do I get accommodations at university?

Students must register with Accessibility Services by submitting a request with Student Services and be prepared to share appropriate documentation of disability.  Ensure you submit your documentation early! Students beginning in the fall semester should submit their documentation in May of the previous spring.**

Question: What type of documentation do I need to provide in order to access accommodations in post-secondary?

Post-secondary students seeking disability-related accommodations and services, or funding for assistive services and technology, are required to provide documentation from a qualified professional.

The documentation of disability must be:

  • From a physician, psychologist, audiologist, ophthalmologist, or another licensed specialist;
  • Submitted on letterhead and include the clinician’s name, title, phone number, address, dates(s) of assessment(s); and

In addition, the documentation must indicate the impact the disability (ies) /condition(s) has on the student in an academic setting. It may identify or recommend specific accommodations and supports that would reduce the barriers encountered in an educational setting.

Question: How old is “too old” for documentation?

Most post-secondary institutions recommend that learning and ADHD assessments should be less than 5 years old. Exceptions may be made and Access Advisors at the school can advise you if you need more or updated information.  Please reach out to each post-secondary institute direction to verify their specific policy.  It is typical that current IPPs can be used to start the accommodation process however, post-secondary institutes will need copies of the original assessment report or other official documentation that the IPP was based on.   Please ensure that you have the appropriate documentation in order and in your personal records.

Question: Can parents or other supporters book an appointment for a student?

After a post-secondary institution has received the documentation the contact number that was provided will be used to schedule an intake meeting with an Access Advisor. If someone other than the student schedules the meeting that is usually fine. After the intake meeting, to ensure privacy, schools cannot release any information to anyone but the student, including whether appointments have been missed, rescheduled, or otherwise, without signed consent from the student.

Question: Does the need for academic accommodation affect my application for university?

No. A student’s application to a post-secondary institution will be reviewed using the same criteria, standards, and requirements used for all students who apply.

Question: Does declaring a disability and requesting accommodations affect my academic career or future career aspirations?

All information provided to Accessibility Services at any post-secondary institution is confidential and filed in a secured area in the Accessibility Services offices. It is not released to anyone without written consent from the student. Access Advisors and Career Services personnel are available to advise students with regard to considering and managing disclosure and requests for accommodation in the workplace.

Question:  I heard something about a disability grant.  What is that?

If your student is applying for Canada Study Grant for Persons with Disabilities, guidelines for documentation requirements can be found at the following site: https://studentaid.alberta.ca/applying-for-funding/students-with-permanent-disabilities/

If you have any additional or specific questions, please reach out to Ms. Agata Kesik, Career and Post-Secondary Counsellor at agata.kesik@westmountcharter.com