What is included in Instructional Resource (IR) Fees at the MH / School Fees at the EC?

These fees are assigned to each student (whether attending in-person or at home) for resources related to basic instruction, including but not limited to textbooks, workbooks, photocopying, supplies, copyright etc.

Please see Administrative Procedure 521

Do SEAL students at the elementary have to pay Lunchroom Supervision Fees? 

No.  This year, we have separated out the lunchroom supervision fees as not all students are using the Lunchroom Supervision service.

The lunchroom supervision fee is permanent. In a non-Covid year, we would continue charging it. This is to pay our lunchroom supervisors for the work that they do over the lunch hour and is in line with other school boards.

What if, after I press the “Calculate Total” button on the Pay Fees page, the number is a credit?


Pay Fees Screen

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2019/2020 fee and/or bus credits have been carried forward to student accounts and are being applied to this year’s fees. If, after fees are totaled, your total is a negative number (there will be a minus sign in front of the number), you must contact mary.white@westmountcharter.com to arrange for the refund of the credit.  You may also contact Mary with any questions regarding credits.

*EC = Elementary Campus
*MH = Mid-High Campus