Westmount students have been invited (once again) to be one of only a handful of Canadian schools to participate in the Flash Forward Incubator Program.  They are partnered with Exposure (a province-wide photography exhibition in Alberta) students who participate will have their work shown in a professional gallery during this Exhibition.  Students need to email Mr. Crooks at alan.crooks@westmountcharter.com if they would like to participate.  

The whole experience of developing their photography is done online with professional photographers and mentors based in Toronto and Montreal.  Photographers from high schools in Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, New Jersey, New York, Boston, and several art-based high schools in the US are participating once again this year. 

Students are asked to engage in a four-step process online that is streamlined and really engaging regardless of your level of photography.  Mr. Crooks is the local support for young photographers at Westmount and is happy to provide feedback, technical advice, and help you achieve your goals. 

Photographers who would like to be involved are asked to commit to the four-step process that is driven through online interaction and the google platform (for sharing documents and images). 

The process looks like this:

i) Introduction of theme/looking at photographers who work within the theme and a reaction to their work.

ii) Processing your understanding of theme and developing a concept for your work.

iii) Submitting a preliminary image (sketch/photo/collage) of what you’d like your work to look like.

iv) Submission of your work (receive feedback, revise work), preparation of a brief (one paragraph artist statement).

Students who complete the process will have their work shown in a gallery in downtown Calgary, be featured in a published book (this occurs every year), and be included in an online gallery.  All students who participate will receive a copy of the photography book.


This Year’s Theme 

This year’s theme is “Still Life” and we are looking at keeping the program consistent with the 4 activities: Research, project proposal, preliminary image, and artist statement, with the end goals of an online show and publication. Like last year, Exposure will take place in February. Please feel free to visit this link to see what they have planned!