With more families opting to drive their students, traffic and parking continue to be an issue during drop off and pick up times.

We have received calls of concerns from both community members and Westmount families.  We, unfortunately, are very limited in what we can change in terms of parking availability. Many parents and guardians have been observed making dangerous U-turns or double parking while students are walking to and from school. This is something that we can change and we ask our parents and guardians to prioritize the safety of their children (and those of the other families’ children) over personal convenience by refraining to make U-turns at inappropriate places. Please also do not use our parking lot as a drop-off / pick up location. We have already had some safety concerns with this.

Please consider the following:

  • If you wait to pick up your child by 10 minutes, this allows time for the buses to leave, reducing traffic and making more room for pickups as students are trying to cross the road
  • Drive past the school and turn left on Urbana Rd. You may then circle back to Uxbridge Dr. and avoid doing a U-turn.

Urbana Rd. Turn

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