Did you know that the 2019/2020 (this year’s) Elementary Yearbook is still available for purchase?

  • Cost is $19.
  • Deadline to purchase is May 31, 2020.


Not sure if you purchased a yearbook already?


Family Zone Menu



No problem!  You can find out by logging into the Family Zone (FZ) and clicking on Pay Fees or Payment History. Both options may be found in the right-side menu in the FZ.







Clicking on Pay Fees

  • If you click on the Pay Fees menu item and you do NOT see the yearbook listed on your page, you have already purchased one. You may verify this by clicking on Payment history from the right-side menu.
  • If you DO see the yearbook listed and want to purchase, click on the checkbox beside the yearbook and then the Calculate Total button. You may then click the Pay Above button and pay with your credit card.

Clicking on Payment History

  • Review your transactions to confirm whether you’ve already purchased a yearbook.