Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:

Everyone at the Elementary Campus has been working very hard this week to figure out how we can best deliver exciting programming to our students.  While we are all trying to navigate uncertain and unpredictable times, we recognize that your each family’s experiences and circumstances are different.

We believe it is vitally important that our programming honor these differences by allowing for students and their families to participate in the most comfortable way that feels right to them.  Some of our families are eager for a wide variety of curriculum based learning activities for their children to complete during their time at home. Some may feel very comfortable supporting the content and the knowledge contained in the learning activities. Other families are finding themselves stretched very thin during these times and have limited time and resources available to assist their children in completing school work. We want everyone to feel comfortable managing what is sent home. The program we are developing will honor all of these extremes and everyone in between!

As mentioned in a previous e-mail from the school, moving forward you and your children will access their education programming through PowerLearn. It is critically important that all parents ensure they are ready to access their PowerLearn accounts right away.  We are anxiously awaiting more direction from Alberta Education so that we can make the necessary adjustments to our programming plan as soon as it’s received, but we recognize that it is more important to get it right for all families than it is to get it quickly.

That said, our current plan is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” of sorts.  Each Friday afternoon, your children’s teachers will upload a wide variety of curriculum based learning opportunities for your children.  At first glance, there will appear be more than your children can accomplish in week. This is because it is not intended for your child to complete everything provided.  Rather, you and your children can consider all of the options provided and chose what best matches your circumstances, depending on your time, level of interest and comfort level supporting the material that is being provided.

Stay tuned.  There will be more details on Choose Your Adventure Learning coming out after the break!

We miss you all and can’t wait to get back to the exciting business of teaching and learning.


Update #7