It has been a frigid and bitter week, but there is something bright on the horizon (many things, actually)! We are opening up registration for two contest sets today, the Pascal Cayley Fermat (PCF) contest set, and the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC). If you are interested in participating in either of these contests, come to room 320 at lunch on Monday February 3 to inquire, or sign up.

The PCF contests are math contests separated by grade level. Pascal is for students in Grade 9 and below, Cayley is for 10 and below, and Fermat is for 11 and below (sorry Grade 12’s, you’ll have to wait until Euclid). The PCF contests are, in my opinion, the most enjoyable contests of the year, and are definitely a fit for those wanting to begin writing math contests. They are all 60 minute multiple-choice contests, and the questions range from laughably easy to exceptionally difficult. Of the 25 questions, the first 10 are considered “easy”, the next 10 are “intermediate”, and the last 5 are “hard”. Our school will be hosting this contest on February 25th.

The CCC is a coding competition designed to challenge your programming skills. It is separated by skill level into the junior and senior levels. The junior level welcomes any student with elementary programming skills, while the senior level welcomes any student with intermediate or advanced programming skills. It is a 3 hour long contest consisting of 5 questions worth 15 points each. Anyone interested in coding, has knowledge of the basic functions, and knows at least one of the programming languages listed below should be able to do well in this competition. The date of this competition is February 12th.

These programming languages are supported in the CCC:

  • C
  • C++
  • Python (2. x and 3. x)
  • Pascal
  • Java
  • Perl
  • PHP

If students have any questions about these math contests, or any other math contest opportunities in the future, they should come to room 320 at lunch on Monday February 3 to inquire, or sign up. Students may also visit the University of Waterloo website at

Parents, if you have questions, please contact

Thank you to everyone for showing your interest in math competitions! The contest season is just getting underway, so stay tuned!