Dear Staff and Parents,

Westmount campuses will be open as usual today, Tuesday, October 8, 2019. We are monitoring the weather conditions and will provide updates as necessary; please be alert to information by e-mail and website during the day.

Buses will be operating, however, expect delays in some areas of the city. Please refer to information about busing and transportation on our website. If your child takes the bus, you may check the My Bus Stop app or log in to to check the status of your bus. You may also call the Southland Dispatch number 403 387 2907 if you have questions.

As always, parents make their own decisions about sending their children to school. We encourage parents to exercise caution about students waiting outdoors for buses to arrive and understand that there may be absenteeism from school today. Please call the Elementary Attendance Line (403 217 0426 Option 1) or Mid-High Attendance line (403 217 9427 Option 1) if your child will not be attending classes.

Thank you for your support and understanding,

Joe Frank, Superintendent